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Le groupe Satanic Warmaster retiré du Hellfest 2011

GESTAPO 666 - Gestapo of Satan


Le groupe de black metal finnois SATANIC WARMASTER a été retiré de l'affiche du Hellfest festival (prévu à Clisson en juiller 2011) à cause de pressions d'autres groupes inscrits à ce même festival. Créé en 1998, ce groupe a vendu depuis des dizaines d emilliers d'albums à travers le monde avec le support de labels major. Sa vision sans compromis d'un monde satanique dérange certaines consciences bien-pensantes, jusque dans le monde du métal...SATANIC WARMASTER a fait ce communiqué officiel en réponse:

"It has been brough to my attention, that the organizers of the festival cannot hold on to our agreement to have SATANIC WARMASTER perform at the 2011 Hellfest. This was because of pressure put to the organizers by other artists booked on the festival.

It is a disappointment (despite being totally expected) to see such mentality still present in the 'individualist' and 'free-thinking' metal community that any musical act can still be boycotted because of false preconceptions and arbitrary political motivations of other, 'bigger' artists. It is also more than amusing to see that the censorship and boycott some of the French authorities tried to push on the festival earlier are now excercised by the festival organization itself.

Obviously because I have never upheld any modern taboos or lived my life as an apologetic dabbler, it makes me also a target for politically motivated artists to keep us from playing because of their self-righteous reasons. Any artist can be put on a mock trial by taking words out of their context without thinking of the actual message, and SATANIC WARMASTER once again hangs crucified by hysterics driven by the love for a world and values I feel no oneness with.

Everyone who has even slightest interest in this musical style knows what black metal is about, and in that light only a moralist or someone with a very extreme double standard can say that SATANIC WARMASTER is in some manner different from other artists of the genre.

It makes me want to puke for making a statement like this, which is almost something that a politician would do, but to clear some things, it was mandatory to bite the bullet this time.

Just to make sure everyone has their labels right, SATANIC WARMASTER's ideology is Satanism and music style black metal. Whoever claims otherwise does so only because of personal feelings and/or resentment. "

Signé: Werwolf pout SATANIC WARMASTER


Communiqué de presse 29.01.2011