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Actualités metal Août 2003

- John O Fathaigh leaves Cruachan again... "Yes John has parted ways with us yet again and we wholeheartedly apologise to each and everyone of our fans for this ridiculous situation. His reasons for leaving are again "personal" and we are very unhappy that he wasted our time by coming back in the firstplace. We will find a replacement and we will continue to tour with a guest musician. What does not kill us only makes us stronger!" Keith Fay on behalf of Cruachan.

- IMMORTAL (Nuclear Blast) :Well, sad news.. Although stated differently earlier as it seemed as if the band only wanted to take a long break, here's the 100% official news, directly from the band and management: "After 13 years and 7 albums we have decided to stop working with IMMORTAL due to personal reasons. A great thanks to all our fans worldwide who helped us making IMMORTAL superb through all this time. Abbath, Demonaz, Horgh" . Après Emperor et Libonic Art, l'hécatombe continue...

- OSIRION (true black metal, France) prévoit de nombreuses sorties: outre le split CD-r avec ZARACH'BAAL'TARAGH sorti chez Symbolic Prod, disponible cet été, c'est un split vinyl qui est prévu pour la fin 2003 chez D.U.K.E. . Enfin, un album est en préparation pour le printemps 2003, toujours chez D.U.K.E.. Les démons savoyards sont de retour avec un nouveau chanteur! Pour plus d'infos :